Pimpinone by Georg Philipp Telemann
(1681-1767) Intermezzo giocoso in three acts

Libretto: Johann Philipp Praetorius and Pietro Pariato’s libretto;  Intermezzi comici musicale of Tomaso Albinoni
Première: 27 september 1725
Theater am Gänsemarkt, Hamburg

Young Vespetta is pretty and smart but dissatisfied with her position in life. She intends to change this. Pimpinone is old and rich, but has no wife. Servants are therefore a necessity. Everything is going smoothly, thought Pimpinone. But Vespetta is plotting her future. In almost a wink Pimpinone finds that he is not only the chamber maid’s employer, but also her husband, and caught in a net from which he can never escape. Finally Vespetta’s gets everything she wants: She has all the control over him, especially over his money. Is enjoying life outside of their home, while her husband is seated in the kitchen, preparing the chicken and doing the dishes all by himself.

The opera Pimpinone is based on the tradition of Commedia dell’ arte. The set is staged in an old Italian kitchen. The audience is seated around the set, very close to the singers and the musicians. The nice setting in the open air, the exuberant musicians, the great singing and acting singers, the colors and scents of the Italian food contribute all together to a perfect Italian summer evening.

Pimpinone (Telemann) the Consort Amsterdam Muiden / Ede, Netherlands (October 2014)

Pimpinone (Telemann) Tuscany / Italy (July / August 2014)

Pimpinone (Telemann) Baroque Festival Malta / Combattimento with Consort Amsterdam

Pimpinone (Telemann) Grachtenfestival Amsterdam

Pimpinone (Telemann) mit dem Combattimento Consort Moscow Stanislavsky Theater

Date: May 25, 2009
Title: Pimpinone, a comic opera in the kitchen
company: combattimento consort Amsterdam
theater: music building at ‘t ij
place: Amsterdam

Director: Eva Buchmann
Costumes: Peter George d’Angelino Tap
Set design: Annetje de Jong
Lighting Design: Kees of Lagemaat
Music: Georg Philipp Telemann
Music Execution: Combattimento Consort
Conducted by: Jan Willem de Vriend
Performers: Julia Neumann, Renate Arends, Marcel Boone, Claudia Patacca

Pimpinone (Telemann) with Combattimento Consort